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    Beijing Tuofeng Technology Development Co.,Ltd is affiliated with China Machine Technology Development Foundation…
    Polyfilm Condensate
    Fine Treatment System
    Strong Oxidization and
    Irradiation Water Treatment Process
    “Dr. Power”
    series power saver
    It is an exclusive patent owned by Toufeng Technology with more than 20 successful applications. After processing high-temperature condensate will meet the standards of water supply for high pressure boilers…
    As a clean and efficient energy saver, it is a mixture of chemical techniques, energy-conversion techniques and electromagnetic-field techniques together with the traditional water treatment process…
    Provide energy efficiency solution according to the features of “Power for Motor”, “Power for Lighting” and “ Power Grid Optimization”…
    We provide: evaluation, practical test programs, process routes, engineering designs, construction management and training.
    Realize energy efficiency and grid optimization with our range of products on "Steam system" ,"Water system" and "Electric system".
    Our skilled technicians will provide evaluation, design and risk assessment. Many steam, water and electrical system solutions have already been successfully applied.
    Inspection Center for Key Products of Steam System
    Demonstration and Training Center for Steam and Condensate System
    Industrial Water System R&D Center and laboratory
    Research of Machinery Industry Electricity Efficiency Potential and Reformation measures
    Home | About Us | Steam System Solutions | Water System Solutions | Electric Power System Solutions | Typical Applications | Contact Us
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